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High Quality Child Care

When you’re looking for child care, you want a program that’s convenient, open when you need it, and within your budget. But most importantly, you want your child to be safe, healthy, and involved in a rich learning environment.

We partner with Rainbow Fleet to provide referral specialists who help families clarify their needs, make sense of options and become well informed, quality conscious consumers. Tailored referrals are made from up-to-date listings of family child care homes, child care centers, before and after school care, summer activities, and part-time/drop-in preschool programs.

For more information, contact our child care referral specialists at 


To make sure your child care supports your child, your family, and your ability to get to work, it’s important to choose a high-quality program.

High-quality care between birth and age 5 can help make sure that your child is ready to start school. In these early years, children learn and develop the skills and attitudes they will need to succeed in school. You can learn more about supporting your child’s development here.

It’s sometimes difficult to identify high-quality child care. How can you find quality child care? What does a quality child care program look like? Start Here

Need Help finding quality childcare? 

We are here to help.

Contact a statewide child care referral specialist at 


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